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Sue says that the three of you are his brothers. How dare you call me a criminal? It happened that the five Kings of Ireland met to determine who should have the head kingship over them, and King Lir of the Hill of the White Field expected surely he would be elected. Mike cannot have done such a thing. He saw a pretty girl. She was hurt in the accident. They always escape from school. Tell her everything I told you.

He likes women with violet eyes. Take it outside.

Curtis needs reading glasses. I couldn't do that to Vincent. Please don't take it out, if possible?

I love you the most. I never dreamt that I would win first prize.

She asked after his father. So let me sit next to you, it's pleasant to have a rest together. She didn't give me what I asked of her. Do you hear me? I need to stay here with Lanny. What's the other condition?

As a child I was always very excited the day before a school trip and couldn't sleep. Maybe I'm just hearing things. This report was written by Sally. Mother is making him a cake. I'm happy nothing bad happened. I admit nothing. I was thinking of her.

A woman was arrested yesterday for leaving a baby unattended in her car in searing heat. Kirk ignored me today. He was unaware of the enormity of the offense. I've suddenly started to gain weight.

Eddie set down his spoon. There isn't a scrap of food in the refrigerator. Radiation levels are within acceptable limits. At the beginning of the film, the girl discovers that she's pregnant from her black boyfriend. Why don't you leave them alone? Does he watch television every day? We passed through a town at night. I hit on the terrific idea of cheating at cards by chance. You said it yourself. The children ran down the hill.

Murph was the only one there for me when I really needed someone. Give me an exact answer. There is eloquence in screaming. I guess that's good for you. All I want is directions.

Bob has too many books to read. I write every chance I get. We'll be there as soon as possible. The noise is getting louder and louder. Do you know what's wrong with me? We're trying to find Sharada. Since then he had put his whole soul into his work. This is the house where I used to live when I was young. This word is not found in the list. Shyam hardly knew Jane.

Rogue is an honorable man. How long will it take to get well? She was fond of poetry and music. Your friend is here.

Have you ever heard him sing? He attended the meeting as the company representative. Bring me some food from the kitchen. The life of the city was dictated by the mine.

There's no answer. I would appreciate a reply. The addict died from a drug overdose.

Jane isn't sure whether he's ready or not. You're moving too fast for me. His remark is open to misunderstanding.

Jwahar didn't want me to sell my old truck.

She was arrested by the police. You should see my cat now.

The penguin was expelled from the group. They're all scared of Lila. They asked me to leave because they were going to have a personal talk. Doug might need it. I'll give you the address either today or tomorrow. What do you say to going fishing with me? Remember that you are mortal. No one's going to be hurt. Emily is singing a song with her beautiful voice. Quit screwing around.

The mayor is not available now.