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Where's an ATM? You have to have a piece of pie. The Japan Meteorological Agency has revised the magnitude of the eastern Japan quake from 8.8 to 9.0, the largest recorded in world history. Alfred was troubled by Revised's erratic behavior.

Please convey my apologies to Shyam. New York is in the United States. Who will pay the wall?

He is not so much a professor as a TV star. Even though I ran down the stairs, I couldn't catch the train. His terrible suffering aroused her pity. We've just got to keep working. I don't think this is the right one.

Julianto was very calm. This computer saves us a lot of work. He did it with us all with pleasure. At what time does it close? Do you happen to know where Juliane went? I can't believe you would allow this. He wants to sell his old car to a man in Kobe. Don't call Steven at home after 2:30. Ernie enjoyed Nicolas's story.

They're going to shoot her.

It is easier to study when you are sitting in a comfortable chair. I'm not leaving until I get paid. It has no bearing on this problem. It's not true anymore. They will have difficulty in achieving their goal. Five years is too long to wait. My watch is less expensive than yours. She dances well, but she has to move more. The dampness of the weather is bad for my health. I don't think you realize what you're saying.

I'm not the one who hurt her. You guys can't be serious. This letter is too long to have it translated at a reasonable price. From your lips to God's ears! How often does Stanly set the table?

Damn, I missed the train again! They like to look out the window. Winning wasn't easy.

I think that Loyd has a thing for you. I know that now.

I will do it on the condition that you help me. I have to finish cleaning it up. I need to move to a different country. Elwood really likes baseball. You scared us. Jerry and I had a stupid fight. The local priest pleaded with the people there to save the church. Several people ran to a nearby river to fetch water, but it was too late. I love to learn new things. Tilden won more popular votes than Hayes.

You can't say that it is a good hobby. I used to work in a bank when I lived in London. You can go or stay, as you wish. I'm just a tourist. I must speak to you later about Turkey. He couldn't run very fast. It didn't work at all. What a stupid joke! I wanted to keep my job, so I did what the boss told me to do. I feel shy.

Isn't she a good French singer?

The ancestors of Native Americans went to the continent from Asia by way of the Bering Strait. They were talking business. I used to go fishing quite often, but now I rarely go. Holly suspects that Jakob and I are plotting something. How late are you open? I built it myself. The police detective found a bloody knife.

We've still got a couple of days.

It's been five years since my father died. Tigger knew that Juha was lying. You can't even tell it's me in those pictures. Kenton signaled that I should follow him. The water-powered suslik tried to flee. Matter can be solid, gaseous or liquid. The news overwhelmed her. She struggled for words. Did you break the window on purpose or by accident? What do you guys want to do? Do you think Howard will help us?

Kory knows how to milk a cow. I'd like a little more tea. Sit down over there. Klaudia didn't let Jeannie play outside. Are you sure Penny won't be here until 2:30? Pandora and Knut fell in love with each other. Please call a taxi for me. I may have to take that chance.

It will be great to go to senior high. Dan is probably out drinking with some of his friends. Are there a lot of foreigners in Armenia? Spass never told me he was a vegetarian. I have booked a table for four. She has blonde hair. My mother looked at me with tears in her eyes. I've already tried three different approaches. He caught the ball with his left hand.